If you have only experienced North Routt County in the winter, you have only seen the icing on the cake. It is in the summer that this region really is worthwhile visiting. The weather up here is gorgeous and the outdoor life is limitless. Below we have listed some of the activities that you can enjoy in the immediate vicinity.

What is the West without a horse?

This is originally ranching country, so there are horses and cattle everywhere. This also means a lot of possibilities to go horseriding. Go on guided tours, riding sure footed native mountain horses, into Steamboat Lake State Park, or go on half or full day tours exploring Routt National Forest or the Mount Zirkel Wilderness Area and the Continental Divide.

Hiking the mountains

Explore the Mount Zirkel Wilderness Area on wonderful hikes going up to the continental divide. Most hikes around Hahns Peak can be done with children. You can start hikes directly from our "backyard" or follow the numerous trails in the immediate vicinity.We strongly recommend the book "Hiking the 'boat" as well as the excellent trailmaps of the area.

     Road Runners

Are you into bicycle riding. Whether you are road runner or a mountain biker, you will definitely get more than an opportunity to ride your bike here. Check out the Routt County Riders page for the latest and best information on both road rides and mountain trails. Bicycles is the favorite form of transportation among the locals. It keeps us fit for the winter....

Rainbow Trout, Brown Trout.....

There is nowhere where the fresh, fresh fish tastes better than straight out of a mountain lake or stream. The fishing possibilities are fantastic, above all in Pearl Lake, Hahns Peak Lake and in Steamboat Lake. The permit fees are moderate and the fishing waters are impeccably kept by the US Forest Service. Don't be surprised when you get to a store around here, just to find a sign saying: "Gone fishing. Might be back"

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