Steamboat Springs is famous for its ski mountain, one of the largest skiareas in the United States, and for the snow that falls there - undoubtedly the best snow in the world, also known as "Champagne Powder". To ski through this snow is like skiing through clouds. The same Champagne Powder falls at Hahns Peak, in greater abundance, and this is where you will find our Winter Wonderland. Below we have listed some of the activities that you can indulge in during the winter months.


Snowmobile Adventureland

In Hahns Peak Village you will find tour operators that will take you snowmobiling deep into the National Forest on groomed trails to powder filled parks. The snowmobile tours are guided and start just around the corner from Poverty Bar.

Cross Country Paradise

Also in Hahns Peak Village you will find the ultimate experts for cross country and backcountry skiing. All of your needs will be taken care of, from renting and fixing your equipment to providing groomed trails and guided tours of the area.

Snowshoeing in the Backcountry

If you do not have your own, you will be able to get hold of snowshoes in Hahns Peak Village, either to buy or to rent. This way you can fully enjoy our property as well as the forest all around us. With an average of at least 3 feet snow base, snowshoes make it easier to get around.

For Champagne Powder Hounds

Once you have experienced Steamboats champagne powder, you will not want to ski anything else. Check out the Ski Town USA webpage for all the information you need, from trailmaps to snowdepths and weather forecasts.



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